SIL Philippines

About SIL Philippines

The general objective of SIL Philippines is to assist ethnolinguistic communities in developing a series of ongoing, planned actions that ensure that their language continues to serve their changing social, cultural, political, economic and spiritual needs and goals. Besides language and culture research, SIL works alongside the language communities for promotion and training in literacy, translation, production of bilingual education and other materials of interest to each language community in their languages.


Who We Are

SIL is about languages and the people that speak them. Language is a deeply personal part of individual and community identity. 

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Vision and Strategy


History of SIL Philippines

SIL Philippines has served language communities through linguistics, literacy and translation since 1953.

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News & Events

What's happening in service to indigenous language communities in the Philippines?

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Advisory Council

The Advisory Council of SIL Philippines provides a source of highly credible local perspective, wisom and advice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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