SIL Philippines

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the members of SIL Philippines?

SIL members are volunteers from around the world committed to scholarship, partnership and service in linguistics, literacy and translation.


Where do the members of SIL come from?

Members of SIL Philippines come from 15 different countries, including the Philippines.


How did SIL begin work in the Philippines?

We were invited during a phone call by the famous Ramon Magsaysay, later to become a beloved President of the Republic, to begin development work with the indigenous cultural communities of the country.


How many languages are spoken in the Philippines?

More than 170 languages.


How many Philippine languages has SIL worked in?

SIL has contributed to language research in 93 Philippine languages.


How many publications has SIL produced related to their work on Philippine languages?

SIL members have authored more than 3,500 works related to Philippine research in anthropology, linguistics, literacy, and translation.


How are SIL projects funded?

SIL is a non-government organization (NGO). Funds are received through various individuals and funding agencies.


How does SIL relate to the Philippine government?

SIL has a special working agreement with the Department of Education (DepEd). We also have an historic affiliation with the University of the Philippines and other academic institutions.


What recognition has SIL received for its work in the Philippines?

Individual members of SIL Philippines are recognized as experts in such fields as literacy, translation, and community development by institutions such as the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Some awards have been received.


In what other countries does SIL work worldwide?

SIL members serve in more than 70 countries around the world.