SIL Philippines

60th Anniversary eBook

Richard S. Pittman
SIL Statesman Linguist and the Asia-Pacific Rim of Fire

by Arthur Lynip, edited by Jean Lieffers

© Arthur Lynip 2013. SIL Philippines: Manila. 118 pages.
ISBN 978-971-18-0440-4

Pittman’s story unfolds in post-WWII Manila, escalates during the war years in Vietnam where SIL volunteers served for seventeen years and left on the final flights from Saigon, continues to Indira Gandhi’s India, and extends to Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, among the most linguistically diverse countries in the world. From small beginnings in 1953, there are now many thousands of men and women throughout the region who are motivated to research, document, and use their languages to celebrate their identity and reach their own education and development goals.

Richard Pittman’s career began with study of an Aztec language in Mexico, continued for twenty-five incredible years in Asia and the Pacific, and concluded with the establishment of the Alphabet Makers Museum at JAARS in Waxhaw, North Carolina.

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