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Awards and Honors


SIL Philippines honored by the PAARL Award

On Friday, January 30, 2004, the Philippine Association of Academic and Research Libraries (PAARL) presented the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) Philippines with the PAARL "Outstanding Library/Research Program of the Year Award" for 2003.

The wording on the Plaque recognizes SIL "for exemplary contribution to academic and research librarianship since 1953 particularly for its documentation program on the Philippine languages as well as translation of literature of high moral value into the vernacular; also for SIL's effective operation of libraries at its research centers in Manila, Nueva Vizcaya and Bukidnon, involving a total of over 20,000 volumes, including general linguistic materials, translation helps, references on literacy and education and anthropological works; for maintaining special collections of materials on local studies specifically about languages of the indigenous cultural communities and literature on the languages of its respective region."


SIL Honored by Postage Stamp Issue

SIL was honored by the printing of a series of twelve postage stamps issued by the Philippines. These cultural designs represent traditional arts and crafts of the language communities with which SIL has partnered in its fifty years of service in the Philippines. SIL affirms the value and worth of the people of every culture and language through literacy and translation efforts.



Ramon Magsaysay Award


Ramon Magsaysay Award for International Understanding

Presented to the Summer Institute of Linguistics in recognition of its inspired outreach to nonliterate tribes people, recording and teaching them to read their own languages and enhancing their participation in the larger community of man.

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