SIL Philippines


SIL translators work in partnership with speakers in local communities. This partnership with vernacular speakers has resulted in the production of various types of vernacular and bilingual literature.

The production of bilingual material may mean translation from the vernacular to a language of wider communication or vice versa. These materials range from small booklets to a full bilingual dictionary or complete book.

Some categories of materials that SIL has helped translate are:

  • Books and booklets for educational programs

    • Agriculture

    • Health and hygiene

    • Textbooks for government schools

    • Civics and social studies

    • Mathematics

  • Culture and folklore: usually stories originating from the ethnolinguistic community, translated into a language of wider communication, and published in diglot.

  • Scripture

    • Individual books

    • New Testaments

    • Bibles

  • Tools for second language learning

    • Multilingual phrase books

    • Dictionaries