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Ibatan to English dictionary with English, Filipino, Ilokano, Ivatan indices

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Ibatan is the language spoken by the Ibatan people of Babuyan Claro Island, one of the five major islands of the Babuyanes, a group of islands between the island of Luzon and the islands of the Batanes. It is the southern-most language of the Bashiic or Batanic group spoken in the Luzon Strait.

Contents include

  • Maps
  • The Ibatan language
  • Ibatan phonemes
  • Grammar sketch (short)
  • Ibatan-English Dictionary
  • Appendices
    • Ibatan affixation system
    • Archaic terms
    • Numbers (Bidang)
    • Body parts
    • The moon (Bohan)
    • Winds and rain (Salawsaw kan chimoy)
    • Sea and waves (Tãw kan abkas)
    • Plants (Mohamoha)
    • Rice culture
    • Kin terms
    • Topical lists
    • Ibatan photo gallery
  • Indices
    • English-Ibatan Index
    • Filipino-Ibatan Index
    • Ilokano-Ibatan Index
    • Ivatan-Ibatan Index

Judith Y.M. Maree and Orlando R. Tomas, comps. 2012. ISBN 978-971-18-0439-9. xv, 501 pp.

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