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Ibatan: A grammatical sketch of the language of Babuyan Claro Island

Rundell D. Maree

This descriptive grammar of the Ibatan language spoken on Babuyan Claro Island is a comprehensive and interesting coverage of all systems of the language from a communicative point of view. The data were gathered and analyzed over more than 25 years while the author and his wife lived among the speakers of the language.

The twelve chapters of the grammar describe the phonology, the lexical categories and basic sentences. Special chapters are devoted to numerals and measurements, interrogatives, adjuncts and adverbs, and interpropositional relations. There are 40 tables of data and three appendices in addition to natural sentences spread throughout the chapters to illustrate the analysis and description of the language. One of the appendices contains two complete, interlinearized texts with explanatory introductions.

Of special interest is the fact that this volume is one of three produced by this author, his wife, and the speakers of the language. These three books have served, in part, to revitalize the Ibatan language, culture and the Babuyan Claro community. Besides this grammar, a genealogical record was compiled and published (also available from this outlet), and a dictionary of more than 5,000 main entries based on a text corpus of 480 pages of native authored texts will be forthcoming.

2007. Manila: LSP. xxviii, 410 pp. ISBN 978-971-780-027-1 (Linguistic Society of the Philippines Special Monograph Issue, 53).

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