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Ibatan-English Dictionary

ISO 639-3: ivb (Ibatan)

  • There are 5602 head words, 9109 entries in the English index, 2556 entries in the Filipino index, 3471 entries in the Ilokano index, and 1703 entries in the Ivatan index.

This data is from the book Ibatan to English Dictionary with English, Filipino, Ilokano, Ivatan Indices 2012

Ibatan words are bold. The main entry and subentries are larger font than other words. Filipino words are blue, Ilocano words are green, and Ivatan words are maroon. In example sentences, the words highlighted yellow are the words being illustrated. Words in Synonym and Antonym entries are hyperlinked to the main entry for that word. Some words in example sentences are also hyperlinked.

This online edition was updated June 27, 2013.