SIL Philippines

Central Tagbanwa–English Dictionary - Work in Progress

ISO 639-3: tgt (Central Tagbanwa)

  • There are 1662 main entries and over 1699 entries in the English index.

A small portion of this dictionary was published in the book: Central Tagbanwa: A Philippine Language on the Brink of Extinction; Sociolinguistics, Lexicon, Grammar 2003. The data was collected during a two year period May 1991 to May 1993, from as far south as Iraan and as far north as Pancol, northern Palawan. See map in the book page xiii.

The Tagbanwa words are bold. The main entry and subentries are larger than the other words. English words are regular font. In example sentences the highlighted words are the illustrated words. Entries are well labeled. Labels are smaller and in italic.

Central Tagbanwa–English Dictionary